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Flyer Crossed Lines

Crossed Lines: An artistic dialogue between Germany and Latin America

Gruppenausstellung in Berlin Kreuzberg vom 30.09.–14.10.2023

Crossed Lines is a diverse and thought-provoking exhibition that explores the evolution of artistic language among German and Latin American artists residing in either Germany or Latin America. As artists navigate and adapt to diverse cultural, geographic, and social terrains, their unique artistic expressions transform, each bearing clear traces of their origins and current location. The aim of this exhibition is to clarify these changes and draw a comprehensive picture of the interplay of identity, geography and artistic development.
The exhibition will be a diverse mix of different media including painting, sculpture and photography. These forms represent the wide range of these artists‘ artistic languages and their versatility in expressing their creativity.

Gruppenausstellung | MONTERO ART GALLERY | Berlin-Kreuzberg